AllhqFashion Womens Open Toe KittenHeels Soft Material Solid Buckle WedgesSandals Black EErMu

AllhqFashion Womens Open Toe Kitten-Heels Soft Material Solid Buckle Wedges-Sandals Black EErMu
  • Blend Materials
  • Rubber sole
  • heel measure: 2"
  • Wedges
  • 100% High Quality; Condition: Brand New with Box; Made In China
  • Upper Material : Blend Materials, Soft Material; Lining Material:
AllhqFashion Womens Open Toe Kitten-Heels Soft Material Solid Buckle Wedges-Sandals Black EErMu

A world free of the burden of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria with better health for all.

AIDS prevention messages need to be tailored to the needs of each key affected population. The Ministry of Education of El Salvador, with support from the United Nations Development Programme and the Global Fund, developed an AIDS awareness curriculum for youth leaders. These adolescents will then serve as peer educators, providing education and awareness raising to other youth. El Salvador © The Global Fund / Jorge Aramburu.
February - In Bhutan, malaria control is managed at the community level. Here, Gyeltshen (holding paper), who serves as his village’s health worker, is discussing the workplan with the other members of the local community Action Group. All over the country, community Action Groups made up of volunteers are responsible for overseeing the spraying of households with insecticide, the distribution of nets, and the twice-monthly efforts to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds. Bhutan © The Global Fund / John Rae.
March - Qorabaeva, 21, is being treated for tuberculosis at the regional TB hospital in Fergana, Uzbekistan. She will be supervised every day by health care personnel in taking her medications for the first few months, and then she will continue the treatment at home. Thanks to Global Fund support, treatment for TB is provided free of charge. The hospital also conducts outreach activities in schools and the local community to raise awareness and reduce stigma around the disease. Uzbekistan © The Global Fund / John Rae.
April - Maiwa (right), is a retired policeman now living in a small village in Kenya. he and his daughter Mekali, 16, are shown with one of the long-lasting insecticidal nets provided to his household through Global Fund support. he and his wife and their four children can now sleep comfortably, protected from malaria-infected mosquitoes. In 2012, Kenya distributed more than 5.8 million nets across the country. Kenya © The Global Fund / John Rae.
May - One key population affected by HIV is female sex workers. This outreach worker from the Myanmar Sex workers Network is teaching her peers how to protect themselves from HIV by advocating for safe sex practices with their clients. begun in 2011, the network has grown to include more than 30 self-help groups and 700 members around the country. Myanmar © The Global Fund / John Rae.
June - Monks play a vital role in the religious and social life of the Bhutanese people. Through Global Fund support, monks receive training in the diagnosis and treatment of TB cases in their communities. Bhutan © The Global Fund / John Rae.
July - Elies Miva, right, contracted tuberculosis from a fellow prisoner. he says that the prison medical staff saved his life. “I’ve only got one life and they gave it back to me. They saved me.” In Papua New Guinea, a Global Fund-supported program provides training on TB diagnosis and care to the medical staff of the prison system and also provides the medication. Papua New Guinea © The Global Fund / John Rae.
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The delegation works on achieving its mission by working together with others and taking on different roles and responsibilities.

Lysa TerKeurst

Leading Women in the Adventure of Faith


I just finished the most thrilling, exhausting, demanding, exciting, and difficult speaking weekend of my life.

Friday night as I stood backstage at the She Speaks Conference waiting to address the audience, I found myself shaking. With all the spiritual fervor I could muster, I started begging God to give a ‘word of insight’ to someone else who would fly backstage, grab the microphone, and tell me and my clammy hands to stay put.

I speak at over 40 events a year without panicking or throwing up, so why was this so different?

You could say it was because my team and P31 staff were there. I would never, ever want to disappoint or let them down. But that wasn’t it.

You could say it was because many professional speakers and trainers were in the room. Would they be analyzing my delivery rather than listening to my message? But that wasn’t it.

You could say it was because most of the Christian publishing industry was there. Would they discount the chances of my P31 sisters getting published if I totally blew it during this opening message? But that wasn’t it.

You could say it was because my husband and kids were there. Do I truly live out loud this message that I’m about to speak? And while that was certainly the most valid of all the other reasons to be nervous, that wasn’t it either. I knew my message was going to be an authentic outpouring not of a perfect woman but rather a surrendered woman and I would be able to speak with a clear conscience.

Was it the woman sitting off to the left of the stage in her new purple jacket? Or the girl sitting toward the back of the room in red with a necklace so cool it made even a t-shirt look stunning? Or the precious, brave gal in a wheelchair?


It was me.

It was the overwhelming desire I had to simply step up on that stage, scrap the whole message I’d prepared, and simply state one profound statement:

“My poop stinks just like yours. The end.”

I guess I just thought that would be the best way to beg every person attending that day to never, ever, ever, ever think I hold some sort of golden key to their success. I don’t. Neither does my team. Neither do the publishers. Neither do the marketing experts. Neither do the best selling authors or the sought after speakers.

We are all frail humans just like every other person sitting in that audience.

We are all trying to figure this thing called life out just like the rest of us.

We are incredibly desperate for God every day in every way.

And we all have candles and matches sitting in our bathrooms… just like you.

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